Pennsylvania Title Insurance Rates Explained

Title insurance costs in Pennsylvania can be broken down into regulated charges related to the premium, sometimes referred to as title insurance rates and a series of related items, referred to a fees, or title insurance related fees:

  • Regulated charges including title insurance premium, endorsements to the title insurance policy, and the closing service letter;
  • Government required fees such as document recording and transfer tax; and
  • Other fees collected by the title insurance agent – for reimbursement and other expenses.

The sections below provide more detail on how Pennsylvania title insurance rates are calculated.

Title Insurance Premium

Sometimes referred to as the "title insurance rate" in Pennsylvania, the rate is determined by the type of transaction and the amount of insurance requested. Effective July 1, 2012, there is no longer a rate table for Basic, Reissue, Substitution and new construction.  The number of years since purchased and/or refinanced has no relevance on the applicable rate.  The rate structure covers Sale Transactions and Non-Sale Transactions only.

Sale transactions - The coverage amount is determined by the greater of the purchase price or loan amount. Enhanced coverage may be available to owner-occupants through the Homeowners Policy of Title Insurance for an additional 10% of the applicable premium.  The Owner’s Policy DOES NOT provide for Survey Coverage (metes and bounds) and Mechanic’s  Liens.  Contact us if you would like to purchase coverage for these matters.

Non-Sale Transactions  - The coverage amount is determined by the loan amount. Negatively amortizing and reverse mortgages loans may be subject to increased policy limits as required by the mortgage lender. 

We are glad to provide a guaranteed quote in writing.  Simply contact us or fill out one of our quote request forms online. 


You or your lender may request Endorsements to the title insurance policy.  Most lenders request three standard Endorsements, but depending on the property or the loan product, the lender may request additional Endorsements.  The filed rate for most Endorsements in Pennsylvania is $50 per Endorsement. There are a number of Owner's Title Insurance Policy Endorsements available.  If interested, please contact us concerning qualification and coverage. 

Closing Service Letter

Your lender may require a Closing Service Letter.  The filed rate for the Closing Service Letter is $75.

Other Fees

There are a number of other fees that may be charged by your title insurance provider.  See our explanation of other fees.

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