ALTA Homeowner’s Policy

Additional Coverage for Homeowners

Traditionally, the basic Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance covers acts that occur before the policy date.  The ALTA Homeowner’s Policy protects the insured against certain matters occurring before and after the date of the policy. Homeowners can now find peace of mind by purchasing the maximum protection available.

In addition to the coverage offered under the basic Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance, the Homeowner’s Policy covers subdivision law violation, building permit violation, zoning coverage, covenants, conditions & restrictions, encroachment, enhanced access, water & mineral rights, supplemental assessments, map & address, continuous coverage & additional insureds, and inflation  protection.  

The charge for this enhanced coverage is an additional ten percent of the applicable premium and is only available to owner-occupants of 1-4 family residential properties.    

Please contact us for complete information including conditions, limitations, deductibles, liability limitations, exceptions and exclusions.

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