Providing Peace of Mind

Title insurance is more than just showing up at the settlement table, it's making sure that your transaction is correct - from beginning to end. We call it assurance, and if done correctly, it is both a labor and technology intensive process  that draws on years of knowledge to avoid problems.  A quality title product not only delivers greater peace of mind but also helps avoid issues in the future. 

Prior to the Settlement

  • Provide quote information and a review of the transaction
  • Answer questions concerning the transaction from any involved party
  • Process the title order
  • Order the appropriate searches: for ownership, judgments,and taxes.
  • Carefully review the results of the searches for completeness and accuracy
  • Communicate the results of the search to the necessary parties - buyers, sellers, lenders, real estate agents, and attorneys
  • Make sure all the parties are on the same page - no surprises wanted
  • Lead the resolution of any issues that may affect the transaction or the property's title
  • Order payoff statements
  • Coordinate with all parties to schedule the settlement
  • Prepare, review, and print the appropriate documents for settlement
  • Prepare a preliminary ALTA Settlement Statement

At the Settlement

  • Ensure that documents are executed properly in accordance with lenders instructions and industry practices
  • Process and transfer the funds 
  • Ensure that the parties at settlement are properly identified

After the Settlement

  • Review the settlement documents again to ensure accuracy and completeness
  • Disburse the funds to the appropriate parties
  • Finalize the closing package and return it to the lender
  • Monitor the clearing of significant payments like mortgages and taxes
  • Record the required documents at the appropriate recorder of deeds
  • Create title insurance policy(ies) and send them to the appropriate party
  • Prepare the file for storage
  • Store the file for any future inquiries about the transaction
  • Be available to the parties to provide documents or answer questions about the transaction

In addition we also provide Title Insurance - protection against items that may not have surfaced during the title examination and assurance activities.

In Pennsylvania, all the activities described above, Title Insurance, and the cost of the title search and conducting the settlement during regular business hours is included in the Title Insurance Premium. 


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