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Our newsletters provide current news locally-focused content about title insurance and real estate in Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.   You'll find an archive of our newsletters, organized by year, below. 

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Community First Abstract's 2009 Newsletters:

Happy New Year from Our Family to Yours (Volume 2, Number 6)

Introducing an Easy to Use Title Insurance Calculator (Volume 2, Number 5)

ALTA Homeowner's Policy of Title Insurance (Volume 2, Number 4)

Philadelphia Recording Fees Increase; Pennsylvania AG on Conflicts in Title Insurance (Volume 2, Number 3)

Announcing Community First Abstract (Volume 2, Number 2)

Announcing our Move (Volume 2, Number 1)

North American Land Transfer's 2008 Newsletters:

Happy Holidays (Volume 1, Number 6)

Mortgage Rates are Dropping, An Uncertain Future for a Major Underwriter (Volume 1, Number 5)

Philadelphia Fights Fraud, Subdivisions and Taxes (Volume 1, Number 4)

Title Insurance Discounts, Simple Technology has a Great Impact (Volume 1, Number 3)

Taxable Transactions, Philadelphia City Certifications Online (Volume 1, Number 2)

FHA Down Payment Changes, Revisions to Capital Gains Exclusions, Credit for First Time Home Buyers (Volume 1, Number 1)

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