Why You Should Shop for Title Insurance

It's an important decision, choose carefully

We are an independent PA title insurance agent and believe an independent title agent along with careful shopping are your best protection in any real estate transaction.

The right title insurance agent can make the difference between a good experience and a nightmare. We recommend you speak with several title insurance providers in your decision making process.  By collecting information, you can quickly decide which title insurance agent is perfect for you.

 Price is Important

Check the pricing of title insurance premium by comparing quotes from several providers.   Insist on a quote in writing.  We recommend you download our Title Insurance Shopping Guide, it will help you track and compare the quotes from various agents.  Click here to visit our Quotes page.

In Pennsylvania most title agents adhere to the rates filed by the Title Insurance Rating Bureau of Pennsylvania; therefore, upon comparison, the rates for title insurance premiums and endorsements should be the same.  But, you should be aware there is more to the cost than just the premium and endorsements. There are other fees charged by settlement service providers which can significantly increase your bottom line.

About other fees -  Some "add-on" fees that can be charged by settlement agents are regulated, most are not.  This is an area where you should compare carefully and insist on full disclosure.   Watch out for Settlement Fee, Release Tracking Fee, Document Preparation fee - these "services" can be known by many different names and title insurance agents use these fees to pad their bottom line.  We call them Junk Fees, we don't charge them, and you shouldn't tolerate them.

About "Discount" Title Insurance - Recently several title insurance providers have begun to advertise discounts on the title insurance premium.  While these discounts sound attractive, beware - many providers simply add other fees to your settlement costs, sometimes even costing you more!  Discounters may also cut corners to save themselves money - giving you an inferior product and/or service.  It pays to be cautious when dealing with anyone offering a discount outside of the standard filed rates.

Other Important Considerations

In addition to our Title Insurance Shopping Guide, we have also produced Questions to Ask your Title Insurance Provider  This guide provides questions that you can ask to help you make the right choice.

There is no "quality seal" for title insurance agents, and often it is very difficult to determine key information about title agents.  Our Questions Guide helps you qualify title insurance agents by certain key qualities to look for:

  • Independence
  • Experience
  • Credentials
  • Quality
  • Service

Download our Questions to Ask your Title Insurance Provider so that you may be better equipped to shop for title insurance. 


Independence - Your Best Protection

Independence in a real estate transaction is essential.  But don’t take our word for it, see what a former Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has to say:

"The independent title agent, which has his or her's insurers money on the line, is the last bulwark against fraud.  Truly independent title agents may be necessary to prevent fraud."*

We pride ourselves on being an Independent Title Agent and delivering exceptional service and peace of mind to every client every time.

Avoid the trap of one stop shopping

Don't buy into the "one stop shopping and convenience" mantra that so many real estate agents will preach when trying to steer you to their affiliates. 

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Why I Do This

A letter from the Owner:
Francine D'Elia Wirsching, CLTP, NTP

My passion is helping you

Francine D'Elia Wirsching Independent Title AgentEven with 31 years working in the real estate industry, every day I learn something new and never tire of providing peace-of-mind to homeowners or investors. 


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