Independence - Your Best Protection

Independence in a real estate transaction is essential.  But don’t take our word for it, see what a former Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has to say:

"The independent title agent, which has his or her's insurers money on the line, is the last bulwark against fraud.  Truly independent title agents may be necessary to prevent fraud."*

We pride ourselves on being an Independent Title Agent and delivering exceptional service and peace of mind to every client every time.

Avoid the trap of one stop shopping

Don't buy into the "one stop shopping and convenience" mantra that so many real estate agents will preach when trying to steer you to their affiliates. 

This may be a good idea when buying mulch and a door knob but not when entering into a financial transaction.   When dealing with these one-stop shopping shops you are dealing with a factory.    Unlike a real estate agent who has an "in-house" title agency, we have only one specialty, title insurance, and have no financial relationship with any real estate agent, builder, or lender.  Our business comes from referrals from satisfied clients, real estate and lending professionals, and consumers who educate themselves to shop for the best possible settlement provider.

Get the best service and price

We have to do a good job.  We have to earn referrals and repeat business.  We are not taking orders from someone who is either pressured or incented to do so.  To ensure we provide you with the best possible experience, our closers have many years of experience and each maintains a title insurance license which mandates continuing education for its renewal.  Francine holds the Pennsylvania Land Title Association's CLTP  designation which is awarded only to the most knowledgeable and experienced title professionals in the Commonwealth and the NTP designation from the American Land Title Association (as of 10/15, only 51 designees in the USA). We are involved in trade associations and are interacting with the best and the brightest in the industry.  This is not a job, it is our passion.  Title is the only thing we do.  

Independence is more than an ideal to us, it's who we are.  We work for you not for anyone else.  Request a quote or visit our education center and find out how our independence works for you.

*Comments of the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General to the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance Regarding the Departments Title Insurance Informational Hearing. Dated July 2, 2009.

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