Independence - Your Best Protection

Independence in a real estate transaction is essential.  But don’t take our word for it, see what a former Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has to say:

"The independent title agent, which has his or her's insurers money on the line, is the last bulwark against fraud.  Truly independent title agents may be necessary to prevent fraud."*

We pride ourselves on being an Independent Title Agent and delivering exceptional service and peace of mind to every client every time.

Avoid the trap of one stop shopping

Don't buy into the "one stop shopping and convenience" mantra that so many real estate agents will preach when trying to steer you to their affiliates. 

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Why I Do This

A letter from the Owner:
Francine D'Elia Wirsching, CLTP, NTP

My passion is helping you

Francine D'Elia Wirsching Independent Title AgentEven with 31 years working in the real estate industry, every day I learn something new and never tire of providing peace-of-mind to homeowners or investors. 


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Industry Ethics

The Principles of Fair Conduct are a part of ALTA's Title Industry Consumer Initiative - a multi-faceted strategy for improving oversight of the industry and educating and protecting consumers.

Community First Abstract fully supports these principles and has adopted them as part of our business practices.

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Freedom of Choice or Don't Be Talked into your Choice

Not only is our independence important, so is yours.  As an independent title insurance agent, Community First Abstract is actively involved in education and advocacy to let consumers know that they have the right to choose their own title insurance agent.  Not only is this a fundamental right, but it is also the consumer's best protection against inflated fees, self-dealing, and less than full disclosure. 

If your real estate agent wants you to use the "in-house" title insurance agency, do yourself a favor, educate yourself and learn why choosing "your" own company is best for you. 

Remember, you don't have to choose your title insurance provider the minute you sign the Agreement of Sale, there is more than enough time once the dust has settled and you don't feel the weight of the transaction on your shoulders.

Take a deep breath, make a few calls, surf the web, and become comfortable with the person responsible for your settlement.  You will be glad that you did!

Visit our page on How to Shop for Title Insurance for advice on how to shop and some tools to help you in your shopping for title insurance providers.


Our Peace of Mind Pledge

Your real estate transaction is important to us. As a buyer of title insurance, you are entitled to peace of mind throughout our relationship. We are committed to superior service, and we’re willing to put it in writing. Our pledge to you:

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Privacy Policy

Your personal privacy is of utmost importance to us

Title V of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) generally prohibits any financial institution, directly or through its affiliates, from sharing nonpublic personal information about you with a nonaffiliated third party unless the institution provides you with a notice of its privacy policies and practices, such as the type of information that it collects about you and the categories of persons or entities to whom it may be disclosed. In compliance with the GLBA, we are providing you with this document, which notifies you of the privacy policies and practices of Community First Abstract.

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